Patrol Division
Patrol Division

As with any police agency the Patrol Division is the heart and soul of the department. The men and women of the Falmouth Police Department’s Patrol Division are tasked with the responsibility of being the first line of defense for the citizens of the community. A strong emphasis is placed on promoting a proactive philosophy to the patrol officer to include community relations and crime prevention. It is their responsibility to respond to all types of calls for service from a barking dog, to a fatal motor vehicle accident, to a grisly death scene. It is the Patrolman who responds and takes charge of the often-volatile scenes. The primary focus of our Patrol Division is to:
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• Preventative patrol in both the residential and business sectors of the community.
• Responding to citizen’s requests for assistance and initiating the appropriate response.
• Preliminary investigation of crimes.
• Investigation of all traffic accidents within the community.
• Enforcement of all laws, both criminal and traffic.
• A vigorous traffic enforcement program.
• Assistance to the Marine Division.
Due to the nature of their duties, officers within the Patrol Division are required to be the most well rounded in their knowledge of criminal and motor vehicle laws, civil actions and town ordinances. All police officers of the Falmouth Police Department are required to attend and complete an intensive 18-week training program at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy during their first year while on a probationary status. Upon completion of the academy the new officer is assigned to a veteran officer with the Department who serves as their Field Training Officer for the next two months. During this time the officer is constantly evaluated by his/her FTO with particular emphasis on officer safety issues.

The Department also has an in-service training program where every officer must attend classroom and practical training on a regular basis. Each officer must attend a minimum of 40 hours of this type of training on an annual basis, with most officers attending much more. In addition officers often attend seminars both in-state and out of state.

The patrol division of the police department operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with varying patrol shifts to increase the coverage. Officers utilize the latest in equipment with all patrol units equipped with modern radios and cellular telephones, traffic enforcement radars, in-car mobile computers, emergency medical equipment such as Automatic External Defibrillators, and other equipment as needed. During the spring, summer and fall months the department utilizes a motorcycle patrol to assist with patrol coverage and assistance at special events.

Traffic Enforcement

The Falmouth Police Department is committed to promoting a safe environment for the motoring public and provides a full range of traffic related services. Enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Code is accomplished by using both traffic enforcement vehicles and motorcycle patrol. Traffic accident investigation, parking enforcement and escorts to special functions are also services provided by the patrol division.

As part of the emphasis placed on slowing the speed of traffic within the community the Department utilizes a Radar Display Trailer. This display board is utilized throughout the community to alert motorists to their speed, especially in residential neighborhoods and those areas where the patrol officers haveTraffic Sign Boarddetermined there is a problem.

The display trailer may be requested by contacting the Department's Traffic Division, or by calling 781-2300 and asking for the traffic officer in charge of the speed display trailer. Please remember that the Department has only one unit and it has been very popular. Subsequently, you may need to wait to have it in your neighborhood, as we take requests on a priority basis.

When you see the display trailer, hopefully you will take the opportunity to evaluate your own speed, and at the same time check the accuracy of your speedometer. Remember that fines and court costs are much more expensive reminders to slow down!

School Zone Safety
The police department emphasizes school zone enforcement throughtout the school year. Remember to watch for children around schools and obey the school zone speed limits of; 15 miles per hour in posted school zones when children are present. Together we can ensure that our children travel to and from school safely.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Traffic Services - 781-2300 – or email For matters regarding traffic information, to report traffic related problems, (speed violations occurring in your neighborhood, etc.), to report hazardous road conditions, debris in the roadway, or missing traffic signs.
9th District Court - (207) 822-4204 -To request information on obtaining documents such as; Protection from Abuse Orders, Protection from Harassment Orders and all Civil Documents. Remember that all summonses and arrests other than traffic infractions are scheduled through the 9th District Court in Portland. Should you have any questions on a summons that you received or if you were arrested by this Department, contact the 9th District court at the above number or our Court Officer at 781-2300 ext. 12.
Violations Bureau - (207) 783- 5422 - To obtain information on the amount of your traffic fine, or an address where to mail the fine. Remember that only traffic infractions are mailed to the Violations Bureau. Should you have any questions on a summons that you received from this department contact our Court Officer at 781-2300 ext. 12.
Department of Public Works - (207) 781-3919 - To report road or street problems, such as potholes, missing street signs, or hazardous road conditions related to winter driving.